In 2009, after many years of off and on jewelry making, I decided to take a chance at being a little more serious with this craft, and TOR Jewelry was born.  After graduating college and moving from Charleston to Maui, I was feeling very inspired by my surroundings and had an urge to break free of the typical jobs I felt I was expected to do.  These conditions, combined with a great soldering class I took at Hui No'eau on Maui, brought about the creation of TOR Jewelry.

The name TOR is an acronym for "the ocean rises."  This felt like a fitting name for my jewelry line because it signifies the natural flow of things.  It reminds me that change is good, and that it's important to keep changing and growing so that my pieces remain interesting and relevant.  I am always pushing myself to try new techniques and designs.

All of my pieces are handmade with semi-precious gemstones,14kt gold-filled wire and findings, and occasionally some other components, such as pearls, coral, feathers, and shells.  I am always happy to try and fulfill any requests, so please feel free to ask.

Thanks for your interest and support!

Caroline Robinson

organic gold model.jpg